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Customs & Logistic 101 - Division of Cicciarello & Associates - Customs and International Logistic Specialists


Does your company pass the test?

  • Would you like to take the next step and export your goods abroad?
  • Are you already involved in the import / export environment, but believe that your company can be more successful and more effective in the management of its processes?

Customs & Logistic 101 offers you a series of short questionnaires which will help you to evaluate your degree of expertise and highlight your strength and weaknesses in:

  • Customs Compliance >>>
  • Kaïsen Approach >>>
  • Exportation >>>
  • Distribution Logistics >>>
  • Market Development >>>
  • C-TPAT Security >>>

If, by your answers, you believe that your company could take advantage of our expertise, do not hesitate to communicate with us for a free consultation at your convenience.