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Customs & Logistic 101 - Division of Cicciarello & Associates - Customs and International Logistic Specialists


Exportation is paramount in the Canadian economy. The huge challenge facing SME wishing to adapt to globalization can be overcome only if they have access to the tools enabling them to develop and increase their competitive advantages on the world economic market.

Facing stiffer and stiffer competition, one of the tools is the on-going improvement of their international logistics management processes. To reach this goal, they must constantly research and track improvements, increase their productivity and especially elevate their degree of international competitiveness. One way of accomplishing this is to be surrounded by personnel highly specialized in all aspects of supply chain management.

With this in mind, and in partnership with you, the consultants of Customs and Logistics 101 can:

  • validate your diagnosis
  • clearly identify your needs
  • propose various solutions and
  • set up a strategic plan to meet your needs of development and penetration in the international marketplace

Steps for integrated logistics being more complex to define and manage, Customs & Logistic 101 is ready to discuss the matter with you during a free information meeting. Do not hesitate to communicate with us and we will be pleased to meet with you.