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The Kaïsen-Lean approach allows you to improve your company’s performance. After an analysis of your production operations and implementation of the recommendations, you will improve your profitability, optimize the use of your equipment, reduce your lead times for production and delivery, and contribute to the overall improvement of results of your organization.

  1. Do your employees know how many units they have to produce each day?
  2. Are equipment set-ups documented by work station?
  3. Are your equipments used to its full potential? Are they reliable?
  4. Are your equipments state of the art?
  5. Do you have numerous downtimes?
  6. Do rejects represent a significant percentage of your production?
  7. Have you identify your non added value operations?
  8. Do you have a high rate of returned goods?
  9. Do you know the time allotted for the setup of equipments?
  10. Do the operators ensure adequate maintenance of the equipments?
  11. Are the movements of your employees properly evaluated and synchronized?
  12. Do you know where your bottlenecks are?
  13. Are similar products or products of the same family, grouped together (included)?
  14. Are the delivery dates met?
  15. Does the layout of the plant equipments provide for their maximum utilization?
  16. Do pauses cause delays in production during daily operations and start ups?
  17. Is every stage of production coordinated and continuous between production units?
  18. During production, is the supply of raw materials coordinated and continuous?

If, after answering the above questions you believe that your company could improve its performance, its rate of productivity or efficiency, Customs & Logistic 101 can help you. Do not hesitate to communicate with us to book a free consultation at your convenience.