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Before beginning an export project, it is essential for a company to question its capability to do export. The following diagnosis is designed to assess your company’s capabilities and what steps will be necessary to cross over into a new market in a foreign country.

This export diagnostics must be thorough and cover all aspects of the project. The following statements are points which the company will have to assess to determine the feasibility of the project:

  1. Does the management has within the organization the organizational and structural skills, as well as the procedures in place to integrate this activity?
  2. Were scenarios and strategies for market penetration and commercialization done?
  3. Were the motives to export evaluated and the conclusions confirmed?
  4. Did finance department made profitability evaluations, cash flow analysis and financial projections in order to prove the viability of the project?
  5. Does the administrative department have the expertise to manage international accounts?
  6. Do you know whether your projects qualify for R&D subsidies?
  7. Have you establish a time frame for your market penetration?
  8. Did you determine your selling price for the international market?
  9. Did you evaluate your production needs in accordance with your export strategy?
  10. Were the purchasing, manufacturing and distribution departments directly involved in the decision-making?
  11. Do your products comply with the packaging, marking and labeling customs regulations of the countries to which you intend to export?
  12. Were the costs of transportation and customs regulations taken into account when establishing costs for sale of exports?

If one or more of the elements mentioned above were not considered or researched in depth, your capabilities to export could be jeopardized. Customs & Logistic 101 can confirm that all the necessary requirements for you to succeed in exporting are covered. Do not hesitate to communicate with us to plan a free consultation at your convenience.