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Logistics is the process of planning, synchronizing, carrying out, and controlling the flow of goods, services, and related information from point of origin to point of consumption.

The responsibilities connected with the supply chain and distribution of international goods consist of overseeing and managing the many elements which include order picking, purchasing, production, inventory control, transport, warehousing, sale, and distribution, and the customs formalities involved to maximize profits and minimize costs.

  1. Do you have guidelines and performance indicators in place?
  2. Is your software adapted to optimally meet supply chain management?
  3. Are your lead times for delivery acceptable?
  4. How do you process and treat returned goods?
  5. Is the shipping of your goods planned and coordinated?
  6. Is your equipment able to handle increased demands in production?
  7. Does your warehousing structure allow for maximum turn around of your inventory?
  8. Are you making full use of your warehouse space?
  9. Can you ensure reliable and continuous supply?
  10. Do you have a procedure in place for the management of hazardous products?
  11. Are your delivery costs reasonable?
  12. Do you experience numerous customs delays at the border?
  13. Are your budget forecasts met?
  14. Do you have in place a procedure to manage your obsolete goods?
  15. Do your marketing, sales, and distribution departments have experience in international markets?

If by answering any of these questions you believe that your company could improve its performance level of logistics and supply chain management, Customs & Logistic 101 can help you. Contact us to setup a free consultation at your convenience.