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Customs Compliance presumes that actions taken, as well as the documents submitted comply with government requirements pertaining to customs regulations, and are precise, reliable, and correspond in all aspects with the agreements made between the importer and exporter.

  1. Does your company have written procedures pertaining to Customs Regulations?
  2. Do you understand the meaning of the term "Non Resident Importer"?
  3. Are you aware that as a "non-resident importer" or exporter, you are responsible for your Canadian and American customs declarations?
  4. Do you know that your customs broker is not responsible for any customs penalties?
  5. Are your duty fees supported by a tariff schedule provided by your customs broker?
  6. Does your filing system allow you to reconstruct an importation and/or exportation file from start to finish?
  7. Can you confirm that your customs harmonized codes properly identify the goods that you are importing and/or exporting for classification purposes?
  8. Are you familiar with the customs regulations requiring the issuance of a Certificate of Origin?
  9. Are you familiar with the Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS)?
  10. Can you confirm the accuracy of the information stated on your customs documents and that the information corresponds to the values actually shipped or received?
  11. Are you aware of the Duty Drawback Program?
  12. Do you know the number of years retroactive for which you can file refund claims on overpaid duty?
  13. Do you know the purpose of a valid Certificate of Origin “Form A”?
  14. Are you familiar with the customs import and export regulations on packaging, marking, and labeling?
  15. Do you have a customs surety bond filed with your American Customs Broker for your U.S. exports?

If you answered ''no'' to any one of the above questions, Customs & Logistic 101 can help you improve your knowledge or help your company comply to the various customs regulations. Do not delay; contact us to book a free consultation at your convenience.