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Customs - Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) is an initiative of the United States Customs Border Protection (CBP), and is a certification program designed to address security concerns against terrorist threats through the importation of goods into the United States and make the movements of imported goods more secure.

It is a program in which all the participants in the supply chain collaborate with both the Canadian and American Border Service Agencies to implement methods of safety for each phase of their supply chain procedure.

For companies participating in the program, this brief questionnaire will sensitize you to the C-TPAT security program.

  1. Is the volume of your U.S. exports high enough to justify registering your company in the program?
  2. Are you ready to undertake the certification process?
  3. Do you know that your application for certification must be produced in English?
  4. What are your reasons for registering for the program?
  5. Have you assigned someone to be responsible for the project?
  6. Is your budget realistic for certification to the program?
  7. Do you have in place a security procedures manual covering all the points in the program?
  8. Are you aware of the criteria to qualify, which must be included in your report?
  9. Have you informed your employees of your intent to register for C-TPAT?
  10. Do you know that there exist subsidies related to qualifying for the program?
  11. Do you know that your procedures and internal controls must constantly be updated in order to comply with the certification criteria?
  12. Are you aware that your certification is subject to verification and that it could be revoked if the qualification criterion is not respected?
  13. Do you have emergency procedures in place in the event of a security breach?
  14. Did you obtain the support of your suppliers of goods and services?

The program proposed by the Canadian and American government agencies is designed to continuously improve security.

If by answering any of these questions you believe that implementing this program within your company would improve its position in the American market, Customs & Logistic 101 can help you. Contact us to setup a free consultation at your convenience.